A curriculum that believes in 鶹AV draws from them the highest and the deepest levels of attainment. Our 鶹AV’s achievement is described by inspectors as ‘exceptional’. Though we are not selective in our Kindergarten, our 鶹AV are on average at the 85th centile on national tests of ability before they leave. Our exam results are outstanding and our sixty leavers gain on average around 25 scholarships to the strongest schools. Tellingly, up to one-third of our past pupils in due course gain Oxbridge places each year, more than in the most academically selective of schools: our 鶹AV continue to be exceptional learners when they are long gone from our shores.

Attainment is very important but a childhood in school is about much more than this. Its deeper purpose is to teach our 鶹AV how to live their lives fully and richly, to become their full and best selves, their happiest and kindest selves. 

Our 鶹AV’s achievement is described by inspectors as ‘exceptional’. 

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