St John's Teams take part in National Science Quiz Semi-Final


Three SJCS teams took part in the Semi-Final and our Team 1 came 7th which qualified them to go through to the Final, joining the other teams in the top 20. The National Finals of the Championships will take place in the Summer Term and teams have the option to go and take part in person in London or, alternatively, online.

The , for Years 5 and 6, are the largest inter-school competitions in the country. They are an exciting and challenging way to broaden our 鶹AV’s scientific knowledge and they also offer a platform for our most able young scientists to showcase their abilities as part of a team representing St John’s. From the solar system to the smallest creatures on earth, from inventions that transform the world to the science of everyday lives, the Quiz encourages participants to explore the subject in a fascinating, engrossing and educational way. 

The Quiz comprised 40 multiple choice science questions covering topics such as human biology, astronomy, great inventors and inventions, physics, zoology, ecology, earth science, oceanography, geology, meteorology, botany and chemistry. There was a wide range of difficulty levels and the teams conferred before submitting their answers online. Some of the questions were: ‘In astrological terms, what is the measure of the brightness of an object called? Is it radiance, illuminance, magnitude or phosphorescence?' and 'Hydrogen and which other gas is liquefied to produce rocket fuel that put man on the moon? Is it: Oxygen, nitrogen, chlorine or phosgene?'.

‘We are very proud of all the 鶹AV in the three teams who took part. All three teams showed extremely high teamwork skills and really made sure they all played to their strengths. We are extremely proud of their hard work, amazing knowledge and dedication; they are a true credit to the school and we are already looking forward to participating in the Finals next term with Team 1.’