The Parents' Association

The Parents' Association Committee exists primarily to plan an annual series of events which bring parents and staff together as friends. Events vary from year to year, from formal Dinners in 鶹AV College, less formal themed dinners with music or dance, auctions of promises, Wine Tasting evenings, Quiz Nights, Fun Runs etc. Each year, the first event is a spectacular Fireworks Night and the last is the Summer Garden Party, in the grounds of the Garden House, 75 Grange Road, at which the leaving staff are wished a fond farewell.

A beneficial side effect of such events is that any surplus funds are donated by the Parents' Association to the school but fund raising is, in general, for charitable purposes and local and national charities benefit each year from the PA's activities.

There is a 'Year Group' representative on the Committee for each year group, who welcomes any new parents and organises support within the year group for any events.